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Hotel Resort at Sunrise

Melinda & CLiff, Chicago boy & girl who dreamed of seeing the world.

Born travelers & planners. We love planning exotic bae-cations and memorable family getaways!

"The anticipation and excitement of an upcoming vacation is something that has always brought me joy & is what ultimately inspired me to launch Take Flyt.

My goal for every client is stress free, exciting travel. My love for details allows me to tailor every experience to meet and exceed the customers specific expectations. I love being a part of and exposing others to the benefits, experiences & memories that travel adds to their lives". 


Exciting, Curated, Joy

Take Flyt Travel specializes in exciting, curated itineraries and  amazing destinations & accommodations. We strive to offer exemplary customer service & unforgettable, unique human experiences. Couples, solo trips, family vacations, girls trips, group travel, we got you covered! Fill out a detailed questionnaire and let's start planning your experience today!
Take Flyt
Chicago, IL 60610
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